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My Story
January 23, 2013

before and after

Hey everyone. My name is Thomas. I wrote this blog because I need to let you in on a pollute elfin secret that I learned from my old roommate in college. I trained from my old roommate in college. I bear in mind he got laid once in the beginning of the year. I overheard the colleen talking about how dazzling of an experience it was to feel a big penis. And after that, the girls just kept flocking in. I was in retraction and told myself regular was good, but surreptitiously I was distrustful and wanted a big penis too.

The conversation that changed my life

One night when my roommate and I were drunk, he admitted that he had been in a few porn movies. I said "it's awesome that male pornstars can fuck all those hot chicks because they were born with big penises". He laughed and said "trust me man. they weren't born with it!"

So I was enthusiastic and asked him to define more.

So what's the secret?

He said all pornstars do mystery things to grow their penises. The porn industry has been covering this stuff for years so I'm letting you guys in on this top secret because it's changed my life. Basically he said it was accomplishable to grow your penis by up to 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth in 2 weeks!... and we all know that girth is what women want ;). Anyways, he told to follow TWO steps that I'm gonna tell you guys about here:

The first product is Vimax Pills, a natural supplement. This was originally designed as a muscle building product, but porn stars have been using it for years to also increase the blood flow to their penises. The extra blood flow stretches your penis, which makes it wider and longer. The extra blood also improves stamina and sexual performance. And of course, it helps you get in great physically form too! Just look at the pornstars!

The second product is Vimax Volume, another natural supplement. The extra blood flow stretches your penis, which makes it wider and longer. The extra blood also improves stamina and sexual performance. And of course, it helps you get in great physically form too! When combined with the pill, it works extremely well! You need to apply this once a day. You can do it before or after sex or masturbation!

Now what?
Just take these supplements as printed on the box. I found it indeed easy to remember to take them each day. It's because I was permanently excited about taking them. The results came so fast that I just wanted to parlay my dose. But I knew that I'd better stick to the regime as 4 weeks will fly by very quickly (which was done).

AND don't forget - take BEFORE and AFTER photos of your big penis and your anonymous body. Then you can visit again here in 30 days and post your photos and thank me!.

8/20/2013 so hurry!


About Me About Me
My name is Thomas. I am here to let you in on 2 secrets that grew my penis by 2 inches. Best of all it's "Try before you buy". See the bottom of the page for success stories.

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Comments are live. Hopefully this will stop the inrush of Don't be bashful! Post some pics of your forward motion guys. - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement avatar by Thomas
01/03/2013 12:53PM EST

Hey Jay...Here is my progress. Thanks for all the e-mail support oyu've been great. Hope I wasn't too annoying lol!! Let me know if anyone else has questions. I went through the process too and can respond pretty much anything.

it is me to
avatar - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement by All_the_Way
1/15/2013 4:14PM EST - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement bottom

I just order my package. I hope it gets here this week. Will post back here with results. Im real excited!!
avatar - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement by Anonymous
1/17/2013 9:14AM EST - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement bottom

ive been taking this for 3 weeks now and grown 1 inch on my length. its actually scary lol. my gf said last night was the best sex we ever had. she asked if i got bigger and i just said ive always been this big. i think after another week she will def know i just keep growing
avatar - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement by Arthus
1/17/2013 10:20AM EST - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement bottom

WOW!!! First an foremost: Thank you sooooo much for posting this. You are a SAVIOUR! I also kept lying to myself and telling myself that average was just fine. I never thought I'd be the type of guy that could walk around with a big penis. it has really changed my entire life. we are now both in the 'big boy' crew! i started at 5.5 inches erect and now i'm over 8 inchse. i think im even bigger than you now lol
before - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement after
avatar - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement by Matty1987
1/18/2013 11:30AM EST - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement bottom

well i gotta hand it to you. i was selfish at first and didnt was to post here to tell everyone how well this product worked for me. but it was amazing how fast it worked. i hated sitting my chair feeling like i had a small penis down there. im sitting her now and can feel my tree-branch of a penis on my thigh. it is probably the best thing ive ever done for myself!
avatar - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement by Rich_man_poor_man
1/19/2013 2:19PM EST - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement bottom

A friend referred me here. I just ordered it. how long does it take to get here? it took him a couple days. but each day is growth!! i need some growth for a special occassion 2 weeks from now lol!
avatar - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement by Anonymous
1/19/2013 5:01PM EST - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement bottom

Great article. I, too, saw someone link this on another forum. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm 1 week in and already see results. I can't wait to finish my 4 week cycle.
avatar - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement by Anonymous
1/20/2013 11:41PM EST - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement bottom

I wrote a nic elong comment but accidentally escaped the browser (LAME!). So im just gonna post my picture to furnish proof....
before - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement after
avatar - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement by penis
1/20/2013 8:31AM EST - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement bottom

So I've been with my boyfriend for a lil over a year, who is quite large (just under 9" and quite thick). My last two boyfriends were about 8" and 9 1/2" before my one now (I know I've been lucky lol). Well while being home for the holidays last night I got in a big fight with my boyfriend, who isnt home with me, and I ended up going out for drinks with my ex boyfriend....and then we went back to his place and had sex. He's about 7" probably average thickness. Needless to say it was a little different than I'm used to lately. He got me off, but I just coudnt get over how different it was. With my boyfriend I love how he stretches me and pushes in and out of me deep and slow. My ex kinda felt like a finger in me after my boyfriend lol.

So, to other girls here who have hung boyfriends or have sex with large guys alot, do you feel like your "wrecked" or all stretched out down there?
avatar - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement by Jen
1/21/2013 11:24AM EST - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement bottom

Hey guys. Nice to see your progress. ive tried other things but nothing seemed to work. does this stuff really work? it would change my life if i could just grow another 1 inch
avatar - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement by Anonymous
1/21/2013 1:11PM EST - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement bottom

Look man. It works for most people here right? You can see by the pics. I'm glad people are finding this solution. I will probably take down the site in a few days becaue I dont want it in the news or anything. Just try it dont have anything to lose. - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement avatar by Thomas
1/22/2013 2:24PM EST - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement bottom

Can I join the crew too? I think I fit right in now... THANKS Thomas!!!
before - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement after
avatar - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement by Stephan
1/22/2013 4:57PM EST - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement bottom

I order this stuff when I was in the US right before moved to the UK for school a few weeks ago. I think I have the biggest penis in
avatar - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement by Nickoli
1/22/2013 5:50PM EST - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement bottom

Just ordered my package!!!! I haven't been excited for something like this since I last xmas lol
avatar - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement by Nickoli
1/22/2013 7:19PM EST - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement bottom

I cant even recognize myself anymore. These products are awesome. It gets you real ripped. Plus my penis grew. It's like ...getting plastic surgery on my entire body!! haha - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement cb
avatar - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement by Anonymous
1/22/2013 8:02PM EST - Jefferson's blog about penis enlargement bottom

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  1. August 11, 2013. - Girls Would I Be Considered Small (Penis Size) ( hread.php%3Fs%3D6601b4ebb209129cae4eb684226e8758%26 postid%3D3015207) Jul 23, 2012 Average penis size is 5 7 inches, if you are in that range you are fine. It does not look like anyone will comment on photo of my penis(fair 
  2. August 14, 2013. If penis size doesn't matter then why are dildos always so big? - Reddit ( f_penis_size_doesnt_matter_then_why_are_dildos/) Dec 14, 2012 Look, average penis size is just 5 6 inches, forget about your penis size, (Just like how the size of average breasts on a porn set would be 
  3. August 20, 2013. What is the Average Size of a Penis? - YouTube ( Jun 23, 2010 The Average Penis Size Women LikeRichard Fry62,268 views · 8:16 Men's Size And What We Women Would Like Ya To Do!twisted 
  4. August 4, 2013. The Penis During Puberty | SexInfo Online ( g-puberty) The penis and the scrotum are the male external sexual organs. Many times during puberty, your penis may do things that you didn't know were possible, like becoming hard and popping up Average erection sizes by age are listed below .
  5. August 24, 2013. Am I Normal Penis - Embarrassing Bodies ( am-i-normal/am-i-normal-penis/) Boy 2: When you grow up you always worry about it like a lot more than you should Not only can penises look very different from each other, but of course the Dr Dawn Harper discusses what is and isn't normal when it comes to penis size 
  6. August 18, 2013. The Awkward Post About How Penis Size Matters | Married Man Sex ( st-about-how-penis-size-matters/) Sep 21, 2012 Look I hate to be a downer, but penis size actually matters. really worry about the size of the guys penis, unless he's like way too big, or way to small. with above average penis size, and after that went on long enough, we 
  7. August 5, 2013. Official Size Of The Average American Penis Released | TFM News ( ge-american-penis-released/) Jul 15, 2013 Much like I feel the need to lie about my weight, even though it has absolutely no bearing on how I look, I'm sure many guys tend to Nevertheless, the reports indicated that the average length was 5.6 inches, compared with 
  8. August 26, 2013. The Truth About Penis Size | Men's Health News ( ze/2012/10/20/) Oct 20, 2012 Looks like someone is not impressed. and had enough partners to compare sizes, one third said they preferred longer than average penises.

  9. Comments about this video:

    Somewhat Informative... SIZE MATTERS! The only thing that works for penis enlargement is the sizetrac. I have been using the sizetrac to get a porn schlong. The results are natural permanent penis enlargement. The sizetrac was even featured on Manswers. I have gained 2 inches in length and 1 1/4 in girth. It works! Google sizetrac.

    2 TimJavier2989 Sorry for the late response dude! I just wanna say thanks for sharing me that program at the site: I began with 6" erection and rather thin but always nice and hard.I now am 7" and 4" circumference just below the head! Couldnt be more happy.:).
    yeah right damn you guys this is nothing. you only really need one site its where real girls go to get naughty check out this link:
    If you have that big of a dick and you aint in the porn industry or anything to make money with your dick, then I call bullshit.
  10. August 28, 2013. Facts about penis size - ( penissize.htm) Jun 28, 2013 Find out what the average size is, plus our experts view on whether This is because some females like the sense of feeling stretched The angle at which you look down inevitably makes your penis seem shorter than it is.

  11. Comments about this video:
    Im 6 and 3/4 inches and yes nothing works, if they had a big dick pill people would know about it. Every guy knows the size of his dick, but does any chick truely know the size of her cunt? Im never using a dildo on a girl, if a girl uses a huge dildo on herself in my mind her pussy is broken, if you dont enjoy the size then move on bitch.Women love floppy donkey dicks. But yeah I'm one of those grower not show-er groups, my main problem is fatty tissue around my penis hiding about an inch.No disrepect! But she turned me on when she was talking about sucking dick at the same time moving her cheeks...I'm 6inches in lenght 5 inches in girth I'm 5foot 6 1/2 140lbs I stick to females that sre no tallrr than 5 foot 2 ;).
    Thanks for carifying this topic on such an "indiscreet" and "scientifical" base. I love to be lied by girls, just don't be so "shy" huhuhuhuuu ;).

    Oh wow, I am bigger than a gibbon!!!. lol. Seriously I have always been told by women that size matters especially girth rather than length. Women tell me they like to feel it in their lower back area and not the stomach so girth is what they like.In other words stretch it and she will cum. For feeling a bigger size is needed.
    I'm proud of my smallish Asian penis. I can do plenty of amazing things with it that the big idiots can't do, like do figure 8s in your vaginas and also give you PLEASURABLE anal, plus, i won't destroy and stretch out your vagina permanently like those dumb elephants. You will discover a whole new amazing world that those dumb, slow, elephants cannot match.I'm proud of my smallish Asian penis. I can do plenty of amazing things with it that the big idiots can't do, like do figure 8s in your vaginas and also give you PLEASURABLE anal, plus, i won't destroy and stretch out your vagina permanently like those dumb elephants. You will discover a whole new amazing world that those dumb, slow, elephants cannot match. = ). My penis is small when soft its below 3 inches but when erect its about 7 inches is that normal im sure that's not and please believe me is this because i'm still going through puberty or something else.I have a 4 and a half inch penis at fully erect and at full power 4 inches and 3/4 just below average. And two inches in its normal state when not erect. And I'm damn proud of penis.
    anyone here have success with jelqing? I'm 5 inches and if I could even gain just 1 inch it would honestly change my life!

    bigger is better. Yes. Like boobs...but to a certain degree. There is also the emotional factor. Being attracted to the person is a huge factor. Good to see a woman with large breasts, but prefer to see/play with the breasts of a woman I actually care for.
    Um,i'm 7.5-8.0 inches in length and i'm guessing 4.0-4.2 inches in width,and i wasn't fully hard when i measured,hmm...Is that big? I'm 15 i have a big penis?I'm 8.25 inches long and 6 inches in girth so I'm rather large? I'm 20 yrs old but a virgin so I've never had a woman tell me if I'm big or not. Maybe I should stop being so damn picky with women.
    well what i get from this is size only matters if its way too small like 3 inches or something pathetic. Or Way too big like 10 inches plus. I myself am 6.5 long by 5.5 around. Most women tell me this size is just perfect not too big and no where near too small.
    Huh, I'm about 6 inches hard, 1 inch flaccid. What a Tricky Dick I have, eh? Hehehe... I need more sleep.
    We must rid the future off dick size differences. Nature sized up females to be sexually equal at WORSHIPING dicks of 8&6 inches but had only a few of us men carrying that size= FUBAR & FUCK!!! Like our ancestors we men might have to endure our tiny dicks, but why our sons- or great grand sons?? Science and medicine has a problem- one that can be solved: Imagine "Puberty By Design"... Exactly. Allready, we can tame the parametres governing technological and medical progress, so lets do that!!!
    I'm a 5" but it seems abit small to me :/.. I guess if the girl thinks it's small then I'll tell her I'm perfect for anal lol ;).. But seriously am I okay? :/. So the lesson her is, have sex with a lot of women until you find one that thinks your penis is perfect! :). my penis is what you call a GROWER vs Shower ... Its actually quite embarrassing from time to time. when I am rock hard my penis is 7.4 inches ...a good size .. I am short funny enough ,and have small hands for a man but my cock is above average. In terms of what women like .. most women say I have a perfect size, but I do end up hitting the cervix often and my current GF can't take me completely without some pain if I thrust too hard. There have been only two women who wanted even more size.
    You are above average dude ... My dick was almost full grown at 11 years old, but I had early puberty ... Since my teen years I have grown about another half inch and I am not really sure why ... But I am 7.4 and in highschool I was just around 7 ... Some dudes will be bigger but not too many and besides not much more fits in there than 7.. sometimes not even that size fits ..Learn how to please a woman , massage , oral , gspot ... cooking .. cleaning .. this will help out in the female dept..

    Kelsey, it is important for males to know that they can increase their penis size through exercises/pulling. I increased mine from 5" to 7" in six months and it was painful and challenging. I also increased the girth to 6.4" when it use to be 4.7". My wife is intimadated by it now and I still can't believe it because I never knew it was possible. No gimmick no products just a fact that I think men need to know.

    when i first saw this video all i was thinking about was taking out my 12 inch dick and banging this girl. You talk too much.

    You video was good but there was one thing that was incorrect. You can make your penis larger even though I never thought it was possible. All the products you spoke of don't work but stretching it no-kidding works. It hurts and it sucks but it works. I went from 5inches to 7inches in 6months and I can't believe it. Even my wife is in shock but it is true. No products just straight hard stretching. And gents, it all depends on how big their vagina is...period, thanks.

    What kind of stretching? I'm willing to consider its possible, I've just never heard of or seen a success story.
    I wouldn´t do it. Only if you like to lose sensitivity but that is not the only thing that can answer after three weeks- i bet he is a murderous hypocrite hoping for guys to hurt themselves. I've heard of penis exercizes that killed more than men's errection abiliy. Gory ones.
    please answer (serious question): would a 5.25 L x 4.7 G fit tight in a vagina,... and based on your personal experience how does it compare.

    I don't whip out a measuring tape when I fuck someone... So statistically, you're average. Vaginal tightness varies, but you should fit fine unless she's extremely small. If she's too tight, get her extremely aroused before penetration and it will be easier.

    When does a penis stop growing? I'm 14 and averaged sized, 5-6 inches, and you answering would be very helpful... Thank you.

    Dude, all vaginas are different sizes like penises. Not aroused the smallest opening is 2.35inches circumference 3/4inch wide with length 3 inches long. The average larger size unaroused is 4.7inches circumference, 1.5inches wide with length of 5inches long. So unaroused you would fit perfect for a small vagina. But once that same vagina gets aroused it won't be snug at all. Cause the circumference dialates to 5.49inches, width 1 3/4inches and length 7-8inches.
    Not aroused the smallest opening is 2.35inches circumference 3/4inch wide with length 3 inches long. The average larger size unaroused is 4.7inches circumference, 1.5inches wide with length of 5inches long. So unaroused you would fit perfect. But once that same vagina gets aroused it won't be snug anymore for you cause the circumference dialates to 5.49inches, width 1 3/4inches and length 7-8inches. I was your size actually 5" now i'm 7" and 6"thick took 6 months of pain and dedication.I'm sure she was talking about circumference and not diameter. About an inch and a quarter across would be four inch girth in circumference.Vaginas are around 4-6" deep. Just like penis size, can't change it, though kegel exercises can make it tighter.I think vaginas are around 4 - 8" deep. Thanks for posting. Can tell about your experience about penis sizes, bigger and smaller?Very informative video, I'm just wondering if women gain pleasure when having sex mainly from the actually physical stimulation or the mere feeling of intimacy,, one time my girlfriend that she achieved orgasm just by having my penis in her, and both of s barely moved at all. Thanks!
    It all depends on the woman... and how she's feeling that day. Some days I like rough sex, some days I like light soft almost-not-there stimulation. When its slower, sometimes we can actually feel more. The book Slow Sex by Nicole Daedone talks a lot about this side of women's sexuality. :).

    It seems like size still matters, and I know you didn't mean for that to be the idea that one is left with. But, even in countless explanations, it still just feels that way. ...and I hope I'm not sounding upset or anything like that, I'm not trying to be donkey. Just saying. ...more to the point, I wanted to ask you: I noticed you didn't necessarily say anything about those in the average size group. Were you addressing that when you were speaking about smaller penis?
    In my experience, most guys feel their penis is small - even if its average or above. Whatever your size, it is what it is and its better to accept it than stress about something you can't change. A partner may prefer the physical feeling of something bigger - even if your dick is average or above average - but it doesn't mean there's something wrong with your penis. The same advice applies whether its 1", 5" or 9".Vaginas do vary in size - but there are far fewer studies on it... a little harder to measure, lol. Obviously they do stretch out after having children, but doing kegel exercises the correct way (look up the Kegel Queen on this) can tighten it back penis 5 erect but in soft it not hang like other it 1to2.5 inch .my wife given divorce before 2 testical is not big it like large grep.1.5 inch each.they not hang i transgrnder? Shw was boyfried for 3 year before marriage .even i marry her but why she left me.Penises and testicles come in all shapes and sizes. Transgender people want to change their gender from man to woman, woman to man, etc. I don't know why your wife left you, but it probably wasn't because of your penis. If it was, you married the wrong woman anyway. Most relationships end because people don't communicate and live in two different penis 5 erect in soft it not hang like other like 1 inch .my wife given divorce before 2 year. Shw was boyfried for 3 year before marriage .even i marry her but why she left me.
  12. August 12, 2013. 'Ideal' Penis Size Depends on Height | Genital Evolution | LiveScience ( epends-on-height.html) Apr 8, 2013 Women's preferences for penis size depend on a guy's height and build. Italian study that found 2.99 inches flaccid to be below average.
  13. August 7, 2013. My Penis And Everyone Else's | Watch Free Documentary Online ( e-elses/) Truth is if you have an average sized penis it's plenty to please a woman, it's just etc., I thought people wouldn't care about stupid thing like looks, penis size
  14. August 29, 2013. Ladies, How important is dick size, and what is "average"? - DC ( page) it looks like most guys on there have 10" dicks or better... but when you go to ever do a real study of average size) they say that average size is about I'm currently sleeping with a man who has an 10.5 inch penis, and if I'm 
  15. August 16, 2013. Penis Size Map Shows How 'Short' the United States Falls | The Stir ( ze_map_shows_how) Oct 1, 2012 Kate Middleton Looks AMAZING Running Errands The average penis size of an American man is 5.1 inches, landing them the 25th Of course you use the web to glean data on this it's not like the professor took a ruler 
  16. August 30, 2013. What does a normal size penis look like beside the one porn actors ( 90523221527AADse30) Average is 6 inches, and thickness is more important than length. Nature has made man the animal with the biggest penis. Why? Natural selection.
  17. August 6, 2013. condom size and facts: The simple truth about erect penis ( le-truth-about-penis-circumference.html) Oct 2, 2011 To finish with erect penis length, the average (obtained by pressing the But on quality scientific studies, it looks like the differences vanish a 
  18. August 21, 2013. Penis Size What's Average Do You Have a Big Penis or a Small ( Sep 25, 2012 I hear from men all the time asking the average penis size, The Average Penis Size Women LikeRichard FryFeatured71,222 · 5:42
  19. August 13, 2013. Ladies, What Do You Perfer A 6inch, An 8inch Or A 10inch Penis ( dies-What-Do-You-Perfer-A-6inch-An-8inch-Or-A-10inc h-Penis-Does-Size-Really-Matter/235020) Penis size doesn't matter at all. Brain size is what's important. Like (8) You will see that your average d*ck will look like a 20 inch when you got your skills 
  20. August 17, 2013. French Study Looks Into Average Penis Size - Huffington Post ( tudy-looks-into-a_n_1029962.html) Oct 25, 2011 The official average size and girth of a penis has been published by a The big guys can get kinda lazy, like, look what I'm giving you, aren't 
  21. August 22, 2013. Average Penis Length Size! - YouTube ( Apr 20, 2013 Take a look at hard core statistics regarding the average penis size Loading... Loading icon Loading... Working... 15,375. Like 11 Dislike 1.

  22. Comments about this video:
    6 3/4 inches when raging hard. hell ya top 5%. and i still got 6 years till i'm 25. i wonder what the average width is.Glad it worked for you too dude! It helped increased my sexual stamina also for longer, stronger ejaculation. It increases my confi- dence and brought my girl beyond her wildest dreams both sexually & everyday life. With the help of the program, my penis also grew even longer.:) Thanks to that program at: It was like a God-miracle sent.What do you mean "for a white guy". Whites are some of the tallest people on Earth, why would they be small? most of the guys on here are some of the biggest ever on men and all of them are white. ( menofengland. tumblr. com ).
    Yeah.. I thought it was just another fraud program in the net but I was wrong. It gained me extra inch after following its program. Anyway, if im not mistaken you are talking about the program at the site: right? Its where I found this wonderful program.
    Me too! I was a bit skeptical on buying that program since its really hard to trust on internet products but since it offers 100% money back guarantee, I bit a bullet on it and in just in 3weeks doing its exercise, the result amazed me! Anyway, you got the site name misspelled. That should be: well i feel good now i just turned 16 and my penis is 6 inches long and 5 inches around. thank you very much now i feel a little more confident.
    It is not how long you are. For us it is the thickness and how you use it: thrusting. For the record some, of us perfer the uncircumsied male over the one is. Honestly, with the foreskin still attatched it gives a different kind, of sensation, that feels very good. It gives a rippling effect_ like the waves, in water, after you throw a rock, in it. Is the best way to describe.
  23. August 8, 2013. What a guy's body type says about his dick size and fuckability | The ( y-type-says-about-his-dick-size-and-fuckability/) May 21, 2011 There may be nothing to you that indicates their penis size, but you're also a. That average sized, or small, flaccid floppy thing you see in the shower might puff up I look like a linebacker thats stopped working out. My size 
  24. August 19, 2013. 3 Women Discuss Penis Size | Sex Advice | DateDaily ( omen-discuss-penis-size) Jan 14, 2010 In an effort to find out what women want when it comes to penis size, the size, the other thought that an average size penis was adequate, and the last I like the way a big penis looks and feels inside of my mouth and body.
  25. August 15, 2013. Average penis size study reveals SAME results as previous ( 197/Average-penis-size-study-reveals-SAME-results-p revious-research.html) Jul 12, 2013 Average penis size remains at 5.57 inches (that's roughly half an inch she would like to see more research conducted into the size of female genitalia to Nahla looks equally as stylish Taking the pregnancy in her stride 
  26. August 9, 2013. Penis Size | ( To give you a better description, it basicly looks like the triangle you make with pool balls The Hooded Vandil This is another average size, but it wears a hood .
  27. August 27, 2013. Average Penis Size Of American Men Is 5.6 Inches Long When ( nis-size-american-men_n_3591649.html) Jul 14, 2013 But whether penis size truly matters to a man's sex partner is up for debate. show, 'Hey, there's a lot of diversity for women's genitals, just like there are for men's," Herbenick said. Skip to 1:23 in the video for a better look.
  28. August 10, 2013. Penis size - Live Well - NHS Choices ( -size.aspx) Find out what the average penis size is, and how most women are not interested in The penis looks longer and larger than when observed from above. 50,000 men and women, which revealed that 45% of men would like a larger penis.
  29. August 25, 2013. Does Penis Size Matter? - AskMen ( rets.html) Jun 2, 2008 With over 11,000 participants, the survey puts the average erect size of the still wondering "does penis size matter," then the study also took a look at The women were much more forgiving and didn't feel like they were 
  30. August 23, 2013. Embarrassing Bodies | Penis Gallery | Health | ( ies/penis-gallery/) This gallery shows you the normal variations that occur. I really feel for you if your penis looks like #26. Is there anyway to reduce the size of the opening?
  31. November 29, 2013. Scientists Figure Out Average Male Penis Size | Instinct ( out-average-male-penis-size) 12 Jul 2013 Unlike most previous studies of self-reported penis size, [subjects] had good I get a kick from the look on their faces when they say to me, wow you're If average is 5.57 like the article says... you men slamming on guys for 
  32. November 30, 2013. Penis facts: Average penile length, erections and breaking your penis ( id-not-know-about-your-penis) It's true that you have less command over your penis than body parts like your When you're relaxed and feeling well, your flaccid penis looks bigger than The NHS says the average penis size is about 14-16cm (5.5-6.3 inches) when erect.
  33. December 1, 2013. Average Penis Size World Map, Chinese Netizen Reactions ( is-size-world-map-chinese-netizen-reactions.html) 28 Mar 2011 The TargetMap website has released a penis average length world map, using colors to indicate Looks like this is how it will be my entire life.
  34. December 2, 2013. What's the deal with penis size? I feel like the average on the ( -size-I-feel-like-the-average-on-the-internet-is-7- inches-Everyone-says-they-are-7-8-inches-When-I-was -y-a194004) 8 Nov 2012 Secondly, most guys exaggerate their penis size/measure incorrectly. got 8 inches but i think girth is only average so it basically looks like
  35. December 3, 2013. How Big Is the Average Penis? Science Finds Out | LiveScience ( .html) 12 Jul 2013 The average American man's penis is 5.6 inches (14.2 centimeters) long when erect, Penis size has been the subject of dozens of studies, as well as countless urban Now, she'd like to gather data on female genitalia.
  36. December 4, 2013. What Does A "Normal" Penis Look Like? Size, Shape, Angle ( e-age/) 5 Feb 2008 Dr. Debby Herbenick answers a question from a male reader who is concerned about his penis size and shape and showing it to new sexual 
  37. December 5, 2013. Penis Size Worries Don't Match What's In Your Pants: Study ( n_4063785.html) 8 Oct 2013 The average size of an erect penis is about 5 to 7 inches; when it's not Those narrow seats may make men look like road racers, but all their 
  38. December 6, 2013. Average Erect Penis Size - How Long is the Average - Cosmopolitan ( erect-penis-size) 12 Jul 2013 The sultry beauty look you need to try. Well, ladies, the results are in: The average penis size is. Clearly, guys packing hella sausage, like Jon Hamm, fall well above the average, but this research shows just how 
  39. December 7, 2013. The Truth about Penis Size | Men's Health ( -penis-size) 20 Oct 2012 What exactly does "average" count for these days? According to a study, you can compare your penis to the length of a 20-pound banknote or 
  40. December 8, 2013. "That's Not Normal!" The Statistics of Penis Size | Floyd Elliot ( t-normal-the-stat_b_4254842.html) 11 Nov 2013 As everyone knows, there's nothing guys like talking about more than math. that penis size follows what statisticians call the "normal distribution". In the middle, our numbers look a bit more believable, and as for the 
  41. December 9, 2013. Average Penis Size Revealed: But Are You Surprised? ( penis-size-_n_3597294.html) 15 Jul 2013 Objects That Are Similar Size To The Average Penis: us a tip; Send us a photo or video; Suggest a correction. FOLLOW UK LIFESTYLE. Like.
  42. December 10, 2013. Is your penis normal? - body+soul ( Bhealth/is%2Byour%2Bpenis%2Bnormalr,25351) What does a normal penis look like? There is a great deal of emphasis on penis size, by both men and women. There is pressure from our increasing interest in 
  43. December 21, 2013. Penis Size Matters, Study Says | Popular Science ( -size-matters-study-says) 8 Apr 2013 Penis size works in combination with a couple other physical traits, There are lots of average guys who have pretty good-looking mates out there. it is not easy to predict what a flaccid penis looks like when erect, and what 
  44. December 22, 2013. I Need a Shorter Penis on Vimeo ( 7 Jan 2013 XXY boys start puberty normally, or within the normal range, but quite So penis size appears to be primarily by genetic cause, and if you're bigger Your cock and balls look just fine to me, Graeme!!! ; ) L Like this video.
  45. December 23, 2013. Exactly How Big is a Big Penis - ( .htm) 26 Sep 2013 Let's look further than those bland concrete 'average' figures and instead pure percentage minority can be said to be truly hung like proverbial horses. Often quoted as indicative of 'average penis size' are the results of a 
  46. December 24, 2013. Blue whale penis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( It is commonly cited as having an average penis length of 8 feet (2.4 m) to 10 feet (3.0 m) and It is fibroelastic like those of the blue whale's artiodactyl relatives.
  47. December 25, 2013. Do taller men have longer penises on average? - PEGym ( / ml) 7 Feb 2012 Is the average penis length for a 6 foot 5 guy really just 5-6 inches? the average penis size is going to be longer, something like 6.5-7+ inches and really blows is the average penis (5.5-6.5 in length) looks shorter on taller 
  48. December 26, 2013. Does size really matter? Unhung Hero makes documentary about ( oes-size-really-matter-Unhung-Hero-makes-documentar y-small-penis.html) 27 Nov 2013 Explaining why he decided to make his 'less-than-average size Meetings with medical specialists confirm that Mr Moote has a 'below normal' size penis. who you're supposed to be, and what you're supposed to look like'.
  49. December 27, 2013. What's the Average Penis Size? | HPL - YouTube ( 16 Jul 2013 The average American man's penis is 5.6 inches (14.2 centimeters) long when erect, a new Like: 
  50. December 28, 2013. Is your penis normal? - body+soul ( Bhealth/is%2Byour%2Bpenis%2Bnormalr,25351) What does a normal penis look like? There is a great deal of emphasis on penis size, by both men and women. There is pressure from our increasing interest in 
  51. January 17, 2014. 5 sizes | A new way to look at penis size ( Here you will find information about averages as well as pictures of different penis sizes in order to show what is normal. This site is intended to be informative  
  52. January 18, 2014. Penis shapes and sizes | Love Matters ( and-sizes) And they all look different: straight, curved, long, thick, thin, circumcised, Most condoms are made to fit average erect penis sizes (4.7-5.9 inches / 12-17cm). Other penis enlargement products like pills, weights, and stretching devices don't  
  53. February 4, 2014. Does size count? - AskMen ( So that's the size of an average penis. What's that For women, penises are marvelous toys, and no matter what they look like, they will excite women. Women 
  54. February 24, 2014. What Does a 6 Inch Penis Look like - ( s-look-like) Penis length is measured in a straight line on the top side of the erect penis, from the skin of What Is the Normal Size of a Pines and What Does It Look like.
  55. February 25, 2014. Average Size Dick? - ( e-of-a-dick) The average size of a fully erect adult penis is between 5.5 inches to 6.2 inches in length, What is an average dick size like? What Does a Dick Look like?
  56. February 26, 2014. A lady's honest thoughts on penis size UPDATE: **Women, be ( _honest_thoughts_on_penis_size_update/) 17 Sep 2013 I am also taller than the average pornstar so my dick doesnt LOOK that big Men's insecurities about penis size are kinda like average women 
  57. February 27, 2014. 8 Things You Didn't Know About Your Penis - WebMD ( -know-about-your-penis) Sensitivity, pleasure, size, and other surprising facts. "If they don't do anything to maintain normal erections, they will get shortening of the penis," Kohler says. A device like a vacuum pump, which forces the penis to swell with blood, can help And the guy whose penis looks tiny might get a surprisingly big erection.
  58. March 15, 2014. What is the average penis size? - Medical News Today ( 28 Jan 2014 The research to determine average penis size includes a recent when I woke up, I discover that sometin like pipe is inside my penis & is 
  59. March 16, 2014. Small Penis Facts | The truth about small penises is finally here! ( What's the average penis size? Average sized men usually don't have a flaccid penis shorter than two inches (unless What does a normal penis look like?
  60. April 6, 2014. Is My Penis Normal? - KidsHealth ( .html) Just about every guy wonders about the size of his penis at one time or another. ... And just like other parts of the body, how a penis appears at different stages of a ... their penises look, such as whether the skin covering the penis is normal or if  ...
  61. April 7, 2014. What Does Normal Penis Look Like - My Penis Health ( How healthy normal penis should look like. Average male penis size, male penis pictures and why you should inspect your penis regularly.
  62. April 8, 2014. Penises & Ejaculation | Young Adult Health Information ( ation.html) 5 Aug 2013 Description of normal penises and ejaculation. ... or "Is semen supposed to look like that?" Chances are, the answer is yes! Penises come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes that are all normal and healthy. Color; Texture ...
  63. April 9, 2014. What does a normal size penis look like beside the one porn actors ( 090523221527AADse30) Average is 6 inches, and thickness is more important than length. Nature has made man the animal with the biggest penis. Why? Natural selection.
  64. April 25, 2014. What does a normal healthy penis look like - WikiAnswers ( y_penis_look_like) Females should know what a healthy, normal penis looks like, and become aware ... and your penis has not grown to adult sized (something which has a great ...
  65. April 26, 2014. Girls, what's the average of a penis size to you ? : sex - Reddit ( hats_the_average_of_a_penis_size_to_you/) 23 Nov 2013 I know that penis size isn't everything in the sex but i wanted to know. ... the porn- world let you think what an "average" penis should look like.
  66. May 14, 2014. Why One Man Decided To Share His Smaller-Than-Average Penis ( ecided-to-share-his-smaller-than-average-penis) 6 Dec 2013 Whether or not penis size matters, it is a major source of anxiety among men. In Unhung Hero ... Here's What Ben Affleck Looks Like As Batman.
  67. May 15, 2014. Average Penis Size Is 5.6 Inches When Erect - HuffPost Live ( a7601c0c000502) A new survey shows that the average American man's penis is 5.6 inches ... Akj1 July 16, 2013 14:48 [veeez], I guess they have to look for seven feet tall women. ... nothing more disappointing that sticking it in something that feels like a glass ...
  68. July 5, 2014. Penis Size Matters, Study Says - Huffington Post ( n_3039218.html) 8 Apr 2013 Previous studies have attempted to discern what women like by, ... "If you look at how penis size interacts with male height, it has a ... "An increase in penis size if you're of average height does influence your attractiveness.
  69. July 6, 2014. Penis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( The pronghorn's penis is about 5 inches long, and is shaped like an ice pick. ... In O. crassicaudatus, the penis is on average 20 mm in length and increases in width towards the distal tip. ... Look up penis in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
  70. July 7, 2014. Do I Have a Small Penis? How to Increase Your Penis Size if You Do ( Learn if you have a small penis, what average penis size is and how to ... If you're hoping to be six inches, we need to know what six inches looks like, right?
  71. July 8, 2014. My Penis Health ( We cover topics like how does healthy penis look like, including average size and performance. We explore the most common penis myths. Some have ...
  72. July 24, 2014. The Sexual Anatomy Of Men - Lucky Mojo ( What's the average size of the penis? ... include: religious beliefs; better hygiene, "normal" or "better" appearance, and "his penis should look like his father's."
  73. September 10, 2014. An Investigation into the Dick Size of the American Male (NSFW) - Vice ( 820) Aug 20, 2014 The average dick size was 6.2 inches erect, at the high end of the North ... in his teens to make his 4.7-inch penis look longer and has kept up the practice ... This experiment, like the abortion interviews I conducted a few ...
  74. September 11, 2014. The Average Penis Sizes By Country May Or May Not Shock You ( -by-country-chart/718225/) Aug 19, 2014 The Average Penis Sizes By Country May Or May Not Shock You ... Have you ever done yoga and wondered what you look like holding a ...
  75. September 12, 2014. Male Puberty 101 | ( dy/) What does a normal penis look like? Penises come in all different shapes and sizes, so whatever you have is normal. Most soft penises are about 2.5-5 inches ...
  76. October 13, 2014. Penis problems | Penis size - Embarrassing Problems ( roblems/penis-size) What is a normal penis size, and how to enlarge the penis by injections or surgery. ... Look im not hung like a horse, but im no grain of rice either, & ive had more ...
  77. October 14, 2014. Shown Actual Size: A Penis Shape & Size Lowdown | Scarleteen ( 7 Jun 2008 We are often asked what the average penis size is for, say, ... An uncircumcised penis, flaccid, looks a bit like the penis is inside a snug little ...
  78. October 15, 2014. Human penis size - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( The average stretched penile length at birth is about 4 cm (1.6 in), and 90% of ... In addition, some estrogen-based fertility drugs like diethylstilbestrol (DES) have ... One Australian study of 184 men looked at penis length and circumference in  ...
  79. November 20, 2014. Quiz: Is My Penis Normal? Answers About Sex, Size, Erections ( 5 Feb 2014 Wondering about your size, or if masturbation is bad for you? Get answers to these and other questions about your penis in this quiz.
  80. November 21, 2014. Is my penis the right size and shape? - Health questions - NHS ( D61) Find out what the average penis size is, and what to do if you're worried about the ... If you're overweight, your penis may look smaller as some of its base will be ...
  81. November 22, 2014. Average Penis Size - What Everyone Needs to Know - YouTube ( 1 Sep 2013 Men often wonder if they measure up to the average penis size, but does it really matter to a woman ... She talks like she's having sex. ... No matter how sexy he looks if he has a small penis he will never get a GF (I never did).
  82. November 23, 2014. Male Anatomy 101: 8 Little-Known Facts About Penis Size ( le-known-facts-about-penis-size-301588) 5 Sep 2014 What Does 200 Calories Look Like In Pancakes? ... While some men pride themselves over their above-average size, and others tuck themselves away in a ... Losing belly fat will help make your penis look bigger in size.
  83. December 9, 2014. The Penis Museum - A Guide To The Penis ( It is called a mushroom head looks just like a mushroom on a ... Penis With Small Head Size Penis With Normal Head Size Penis With Large ...
  84. December 10, 2014. Do I Have a Small Penis? How to Increase Your Penis Size if You Do ( Learn if you have a small penis, what average penis size is and how to ... If you're hoping to be six inches, we need to know what six inches looks like, right?
  85. January 26, 2015. Everything you think you know about big penises is wrong ( think-penises-wrong/) 17 Jul 2014 Does penis size really matter as much as you think? ... that most women prefer an average or slightly-above-average-size penis to an extra-large one. Just like ... awful at is setting the tone for what our bodies should look like.
  86. January 27, 2015. 21 things you only know if you have a painfully average-sized penis ( ow-if-you-have-a-painfully-average-sized-penis-4968 726/) 30 Nov 2014 21 things you only know if you have a painfully average-sized penis ... The only underwear that makes your package look decent is ... Certain sex positions will give your lady the illusion you're hung like a moose. 10. It looks.
  87. January 28, 2015. Normal Penis Size | What Is Average Penis Size | ( Most men have wondered what the normal penis size is at some point in their life. ... Yes, some women may prefer longer or wider penises, just like some men may ... Your view of your penis is foreshortened, making your penis look smaller.

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